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     All the images (thumbs) may be clicked to display the full size image. Right click on the larger image, select "save target as" to save the file to your computer. Once you have the layout / grid that you want, open PowerPoint and use the image as the background for your slide. Once you have all the elements of your slide in place, remove the layout / grid from the background. The end result will be a perfectly designed slide. For exact positioning of elements on your slide, make sure to do the following: in PPT and on the slide, right click--- select "grids and guides"--- then turn "OFF" the "Snap" feature. You can move your element very exactly by making sure that the element is selected, then use the "arrow" keys to nudge your element into place.
"Rule of Thirds"--- Photographers use the concept of the "rule of thirds" when taking pictures that are intentionally "asymmetrical". The focus points for elements that are on a slide should be placed on one of the crossings of lines called "PowerPoints". Usually there could be 2 centers of focus per slide--- the main focus being an image and the secondary focus being text.
  Courtesy of Duarte Design
Layouts / Grids
3 Column Grid
3 Column Grid-b
4 Column Grid-a
4 Column Grid-b
5 Column Grid-a
5 Column Grid-b
Dark gray shapes indicate images while light gray shapes indicate text.