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     The add-ons found on this page will expand the functionality of PowerPoint. Some are FREE and others are a Fee. I have tried most of the add-ons on this page and * indicates an outstanding addition to your workflow or delivery.
You can use authorSTREAM to upload PowerPoint files and... Share them with the world, download as video, present / discuss live and create your Channel to showcase your work

What if you could structure your stories even faster directly in PowerPoint? With the Sociable Media PowerPoint® Add-In, you can write out all of the key elements of your story directly into an innovative Story Editor interface. When you're finished with your 3-act structure, click a button and you have an instant storyboard!

Perspector™ is an add-in for Microsoft® PowerPoint®. It has 3D and animation capabilities that enable the creation of exciting and compelling images way beyond those that can be made with PowerPoint on its own. If you know the PowerPoint user interface then you will find Perspector easy to use.
View different PowerPoint® slide shows on separate monitors simultaneously and more.
OfficeOne Animations Adds over 50 sophisticated and subtle animation effects for everyday use.
ProTools for PowerPoint® Quickly create PowerPoint® presentations using Professional Tools for PowerPoint®.
Shortcut Manager for PowerPoint® Assign keyboard shortcuts to menu items, recorded macros and VBA code in PowerPoint®.
Volume Control Assign volume to PowerPoint® slides individually. Create volume and mute controllers on slide to enable you to adjust volume levels and control mute during shows.
SundayStar Start multiple slide shows on a monitor simultaneously. Switch between running slide shows using keyboard shortcuts.
PowerViewer Adds multiple monitor capabilities to Microsoft® PowerPoint® Viewer 2003.
PowerKiosk Introduces multiple monitors to PowerPoint® 97. View different slide shows on separate monitors simultaneously with PowerPoint® 97.
Send To Publisher Export PowerPoint® slides to Microsoft® Publisher for booklet printing.
AutoDateTime Inserts the current date and time on all your slides.
Default Slide Layout Change the type of slide layout inserted when you insert a new slide.
Event Generator Redirect add-in events to the individual presentations.
Face Id Explorer Identifying all the face ids for commandbar images.
Kiosk Assistant Reset your slide show automatically (functionality removed in PowerPoint 2002).
Multi Save Lets you save a presentation in multiple formats simultaneously
Show Monitor Automatically advanced a slide show if it stalls.
Show Plus View more than one slide show on the screen at the same time.
Slide Show Navigator Lets you jump to any slide during a slide show.
Smooth Shadows Enables you to create smooth gradient shadows for shapes and objects.
Track Show Enables you to track navigation during a slide show and to go back in the same order.
Transparent Show Allows you to see animated objects on your desktop.
VBA Controls Assistant Add VBA Controls to your slides to create interactive presentations.
Web Browser Assistant Assists you in inserting live web pages onto slides in your presentations.
Copy, duplicate, manage, export, share PowerPoint 2002/2003 animations. Everything that you always wanted.
Batch Exporter Fast, efficient and streamlined to export the components of a presentation in an organized manner for archival or other related purposes.
Handout Wizard for PowerPoint Break free from the limitations imposed by PowerPoint on creation of handouts. Create your own customized layouts and more. No more file bloats of Send-To-Word option.
Toolbox for PowerPoint As promised this is the compiled collection of my newsgroup code postings and other related code found on my site for the end users.
Secure Pack Create standalone executables. Password protect your presentations being tampered/edited. Distribute them securely. Secure Pack transforms presentations - the most common form of business communication - into non-editable valuable assets. 
Image Importer Wizard Import tons of images into PowerPoint fast. Customize it to your requirement.   Set search parameters, image criteria, import rules, save these settings etc.
Motion Path Tools Contains two tools including the motion path end position and the tool to align/join individual segments of animation to create a continuous path of animation.
Music Span Play an audio track in the background.
Motion Path End Position

Create duplicate shapes to quickly determine the final stop of any motion path animation Version: PowerPoint 2002 or later. 

Work Area

Emulates the Work menu available in Microsoft Word. Version: PowerPoint 97 or later.

Shape Console

Displays a resizable floating window of the current shape selection within PowerPoint. Version: PowerPoint 2000 or later. 

Key/Phrase Search

Search for keywords or phrase within a presentation during design or slide show. Version: PowerPoint 97 or later. 

Capture Show

Capture slide builds/pen annotations into a new presentation or as images. Version: PowerPoint 2000+. 

Sequential Save * Create single/multiple backup copies while working. Version: PowerPoint 97 or later. 
Color Scheme Manager Copy, manage and distribute color schemes within PowerPoint. 
Flashback Rewind inserted Flash movies automatically during the slide show. 
ImageFlip Prevent flipping of images in presentation created in older versions and opened in 2002+
LiveWeb Insert web pages, java applets, acrobat file and update them during slide show automatically. Ideal for running a show continuously with updated information, giving demonstration of a website during slideshow.
LiveImage This add-in for PowerPoint will update all linked images during slide show automatically
Rename Shape/Slide This add-in for PowerPoint 2000+ users will let you rename a shape/slide in the design mode by merely selecting the same and entering the new name.
Single Slide Show Window This add-in for PowerPoint 97/2000+ will seamlessly close any parent slideshow window when a new one is launched via hyperlink, action setting etc.
Update Links During Show

This add-in will allow a user to update information of all linked objects in a presentation automatically while the show is active. It is freeware. Version Supported versions 97/2000+.


The add-in prevents a user from escaping out of a presentation. It is freeware. Versions Supported versions 2000+.

FaceID Browser Peruse thru all the menu icons available in Microsoft Office and get their face ids quickly. Add-ins available for Excel, PowerPoint, Word versions (97/2000). Also COM add-in available for Office 2000 VBE.
Print Custom Show Custom shows are a neat feature in PowerPoint, however the problem arises when you attempt the print the same with page numbers. The slides print well but the still retain their original page numbers. This add-in address this particular issue. The setup file includes instructions on how to install as well as use the add-in.  It is freeware
Auto Events

Take the bite out of event handling in PowerPoint 2000/2002. The add-in is an event handler which executes auto macros upon various events. It is freeware. Version supported: PowerPoint 2000 & XP.

Launch Download this 15KB executable to replace the functions of Start.exe while creating an autorun CD.
VBA Quiz

This is the accompanying download for the Quiz in PowerPoint using VBA article Version supported: PowerPoint 97/2000+ 


A sample demonstration of the popular Cross & Zero game done in PowerPoint Version supported: PowerPoint 97/2000+ 

Set Default View *

Set a default view to open files in PowerPoint. Version supported: PowerPoint 2000 or later.

Set Default Layout *

Set a default layout to be used whenever a new slide is inserted into the presentation Version supported: PowerPoint 2000 or later.

Chart Update

Update charts with links to Excel data. Version supported: PowerPoint 97/2000 or later.

Color Swatch Add-In * Quickly create Custom Color Themes without the hassle of typing RGB values.  Along with 12 base Theme colors, you can specify up to 12 custom colors – without editing XML code!  
PowerPoint add-in that replaces and enhances the native 'Send To Word' function.  It has multiple options that increase the usability while keeping the low output file size and fast function speed.

Free PowerPoint add-in that adds the ability to display 'Slide 4 of 12' style page numbering on the bottom of all the slides.  This add-in also has a function that allows the user to save a selection of slides as a new presentation.

Free PowerPoint add-in that adds the ability to immediately jump to a slide in edit view.
This is a free add-in that will simply open a handy directory where you can store links, files, or whatever in for later easy retrieval.  The items you store will be at your "Finger Tips".
This is a free add-in that adds a slight black drop shadow to text on all the slides in a presentation. 
This is a free add-in that will automatically add the controls and code required to manually move any picture/text/object on a slide during an active presentation.  You will need to allow PowerPoint to change VBA code by selecting Tools -> Macro -> Security -> Trusted Sources -> Trust access to Visual Basic Project.
This free add-in remembers what presentations you have open whenever PowerPoint is closed, and gives you the option of reopening them when PowerPoint next opens.  It will only work in Powerpoint 2002 (XP) and newer, but can be rather useful.  For this add-in to function, the following option must be set:  Tools è Options è View è Uncheck 'Windows in Taskbar'.
This is a free add-in that will automatically count the number of words, letters, spaces, puncuation marks, etc. on your slides and in your notes. 
This is a free (but not fully tested yet) add-in that will give you the option to activate a website address when selected within the notes page.  The add-in can be turned on or off from within the tools menu.  As of now, it is limited to activating com, org and biz domain addresses.
A ZIP-compressed free add-in that will allows for multiple lines of text within the slide footer.  The add-in is activates from within the tools menu. 
A ZIP-compressed free add-in that will print your presentation in Notes Page format.  What makes this special is that it will add additional pages to print the overflow from any notes page.  The add-in is activates from within the tools menu. 
Its a logger, folks.  A ZIP-compressed free add-in that logs the times a Presentation is opened, a Slide Show started, which slides are displayed and when, then stores it all in a simple text file in the same folder as the presentation. The add-in is activates/de-activates from within the tools menu. 
This will print alternate sided 3-up handouts.  Kinda cool fun.  Could save paper if your printer can handle it.
What is Swiff Point Player?
Swiff Point Player is a Free Microsoft PowerPoint Add In that enables Web Designers and Flash Users to easily insert and play their Flash movies in their Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
No need for Visual Basic programming No more strange movie playback
Swiff Point Player dramatically accelerate the production time. Flash Designers no more have to add Visual Basic code to control the playback of their inserted Flash movies in Microsoft PowerPoint. Swiff Point Player ensure perfect movie playback during slide browsing.
Thermometer for PowerPoint® is a free add-in that creates a thermometer style bar in the bottom area of the slide that shows how much of a presentation has progressed and how much more is remaining.
AutoShape Magic is a free PowerPoint® add-in that helps you keep all your AutoShapes centered and sized. It also lets you apply gradient fills and change the gradient directions. In addition, you can reverse colors of gradient and pattern fills.
pptExtreme suite of tools are designed to improve your productivity in PowerPoint®. With these powerful add-ins, tasks that previously required many steps to accomplish can be handled quickly and easily. Need to find an exact color? Want to drop a hundred pictures onto as many frames? Want to import from Photoshop? Need to make sure your objects are the exact same size and in the same place? Wish you could re-use that animation you just spent 30 minutes creating? Need to duplicate a complex animation once or many times? With these PowerPoint®® tools, nothing could be easier and quicker. pptXTREME™ tools save you time, money and - most of all - frustration.
RNR Free PPTools Starter Set is a great addition to your PowerPoint® toolkit.
It includes plenty of handy tools that'll make your work with PowerPoint® more productive, efficient and enjoyable.
The Free Starter Set includes:
Zoom tools
Accurate sizing and placement tools
Text tools
Property info tool
Windows mini-app launchers
Unit conversion and Pixel size calculation tool

The inexpensive ($19.95) Starter Set Plus upgrade really pours on the power with:
An Insert Picture tool that frees you from PowerPoint®'s insistence on My Pictures
Comment tools that let you share your PowerPoint® 2002/2003 comments with PowerPoint® 2000 and 97 users (who can't see the comments from PowerPoint® 2002/2003 otherwise)
A layer manager that lets you change the order of shapes on your slides visually, rename shapes, delete them, dupe them, nudge them or even hide them from view.
A Property Inspector tool that can edit links, rename shapes and slides, add tags to shapes, slides and presentations ... and lots more.

  RNR Prep4PDF If you convert your PowerPoint® presentations to Acrobat PDF files, you notice a peculiar thing:
Most of the interactive features ... the action buttons, links and other goodies that make your presentation dynamic and easy to navigate ...
don't work in the PDF!Poof! Gone!
To make the PDF interactive again, you have to open it in Adobe Acrobat and re-create all the links and actions you already DID in PowerPoint®. That's if you have Acrobat. If not, you're out of luck.
That's crazy. PowerPoint® does links. Acrobat does links. Why can't they cooperate?
They can! Prep4PDF makes the connection.
Prep4PDF is simple to use. You just open your PowerPoint® file, set a few options and click a button. Prep4PDF locates all the interactive features in your presentation and adds a little magic code that later creates a PDF link in that same spot. It works with web links, action buttons, comments and more.
  RNR ShapeStyles Word has styles. Excel has styles. You can format text or graphics, save the formatting as a style, then later apply the style to other parts of the document. It's a great feature, one that saves hours of manual formatting. So why not in PowerPoint®?
That's what we thought.PowerPoint®'s masters and placeholders do a great job of bringing consistency to our presentations, but why not add styles and really do the job right?
We thought that too. So we did.PPTools ShapeStyles brings the Power of Styles to PowerPoint®. Now you can apply formatting that used to take three or four dialog boxes and two dozen mouseclicks to accomplish. All with one ... we'll repeat that ... one mouseclick.
And ShapeStyles can optionally update every styled shape in the presentation when you change the style.
  RNR FixLinks Pro When you give your presentation the FixLinks Pro treatment before moving it to another computer or burning it to CD, FixLinks copies all the linked files to the same folder as your presentation file (or to a set of subfolders). Then it removes the path information from all of the links; when it's done, the links point directly to the files, without any drive and folder references.
What does FixLinks Pro do?

It automatically copies linked files into your staging folder
It optionally copies linked files to subfolders instead; you could have it put all images in an \Images folder, media files in \Media and so on.
It fixes links to images
It fixes links to sounds
It fixes links to movies (AVI, etc)
It fixes OLE linked content in any of several ways (as explained above)

If it can't find a linked file where it's supposed to be, it asks you to locate the file using a standard Windows file dialog box. You browse to the file and select it, FixLinks copies it to the staging folder and resets the links.
Once it's done, FixLinks shows you a report listing the links it found and tells you whether it was able to repair the link or not.

  RNR PPTMerge is a powerful tool that merges a PowerPoint® template slide or presentation with data from your Excel or Text files to produce customized individual slides or complete presentations -- quickly and automatically.
Think of it as Mailmerge for PowerPoint®. You choose a "template" presentation, choose a data file to merge into it and PPTMerge does the rest, automatically creating a slide -- or a complete presentation -- customized with the data from each record in your data file.
  RNR PPT2HTML With PPT2HTML, you can convert your PowerPoint® presentations to web pages that look exactly the way you want them to. More and more teachers use PowerPoint® to create class content. More and more schools are putting class content on line. That's great for the teachers and students, but it can be a real nightmare for the webmaster or instructional technology specialist charged with making it all happen. PPT2HTML lets you put your PowerPoint® presentations on the web quickly and efficiently. It gives you near-total control over the appearance of the converted web pages. The PPT2HTMLBatch takes it a step further and automates the whole conversion process. You, your users or a server script drop PowerPoint® files into a "watched" folder and PPT2HTMLBatch converts them per your specs.
  RNR Presentation Optimizer Let the RnR Presentation Optimizer cut those monster PowerPoint® files down to size without sacrificing quality. Create copies of your presentation that are perfectly sized for:

Common laptop and desktop video display sizes
Desktop printing
35mm Slides
Purchase it here

Optimizer removes the "dead weight" from your presentations. It cuts high resolution images down to size, converts space-hogging pasted graphics and data to PowerPoint®-native images and more.
  RNR Image Exporter While PowerPoint® itself exports your slides to several graphics formats, it doesn't let you control the size of the images or the range of slides to be exported. The RnR Image Exporter tool gives you complete control over that and more. If you're exporting images for pre-press, you don't have to mess around with pixels and calculators and all that; just tell the Image Exporter the size you want the images to print and the linescreen you'll be using and let it do the math for you.
  RNR Palette Toolbar The Palette Toolbar lets you create and use any number of named palettes, each with up to 96 colors. When you change from one palette to another, any color in your presentation that's been assigned a palette color gets updated with the color from the new palette.
  RNR Protect Protect your presentations from unwanted tampering and prevent unauthorized use of your presentation content. RnRProtect makes a copy of your original PowerPoint® presentation and converts each original slide to a bitmap image of the slide. It's almost impossible to change the content of a Protected presentation, and nobody can copy and paste the text and data since there is no text and data to be copied in a Protected show. You could always manually export each slide in the presentation to a bitmap picture then re-import each picture into a new presentation and size it to fill the screen, but why go to all that effort? Protect will do it for you automatically in a few seconds. Not only is Protect faster, but it does more for you. With Protect, you can: Choose the resolution of the bitmap pictures you export so that the Protected presentation is optimized for the screen you plan to display it on
Include slide titles in the outline of your Protected presentation so you can still navigate quickly to any slide Include speaker notes from the original presentation in the Protected version
Note that because each slide is converted to a single bitmap, your animations and links will no longer function in the Protected version of the presentation. Your original presentation will remain unchanged, of course.
Advanced PowerPoint® Explorer ... Designers invariably use Adobe Photoshop to create backgrounds and graphic elements for presentations and templates. Until now, you could not import Photoshop compositions into PowerPoint® with their layers intact. Nor could Photoshop export an entire composition in a format that PowerPoint® could understand.
So, it's certainly out of the ordinary to see a specialized product that covers this vacuum. Ars Media creates an Automate plug-in for Photoshop that exports an entire composition to a PowerPoint® presentation.
This plug-in automates the work you used to do, when transferring Photoshop images to PowerPoint®. Basically, plug-in iterates trough Photoshop layers, selects image part of a layer, copies that part in to a new file and then saves that file with transparency correctly preserved for importing into PowerPoint®. Once the plug-in finishes with all the layers it generates PowerPoint® compatible HTML file.
You can add resulting HTML file in your existing PowerPoint® presentation as you would add any other power point slide.
PPT-Timer is a one PowerPoint® utility that implements a real-time clock that is shown and updated during a slide show.  Choices include time-of-day display, elapsed time display, or a countdown timer.  The last choice includes the option of forced termination after a specific grace period.
Take-off ShowPoint is a free Microsoft® PowerPoint® add-on that enables you to start a selected presentation remotely.

DataPoint for Microsoft® PowerPoint® is a Microsoft® PowerPoint® add-on that enables you to link your Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations to Microsoft® Excel worksheets, text files and databases such as Microsoft® Access, Microsoft® SQL Server, Oracle and others.

Take-off PlanPoint is a free Microsoft® PowerPoint® add-on that enables you to show or hide slides in a presentation at specified dates and times.
Office Image Exporter 1.1 from Rinasoft can help you recover original image files. Office Image exporter can remove images from PowerPoint© presentations, Word© documents and PDF's. Images can be saved as JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF.

Be sure to check back often as we are adding new add-ons all the time.