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     Welcome to PPT 4 Teachers. This site is designed to help teachers create the most effective PowerPoint® presentations for Education / Instruction in the classroom. Make sure to visit each section of this site for information and tips that will bring your PowerPoint® skills to new levels. The intent of this site is to be a resource for those teachers who wish to render instruction using “cutting edge” techniques. At no time will this site function as a promotional tool for any companies or products showcased. It is our belief that only those products and technologies that will enhance the teachers instructional delivery and the students growth will be recommended. This site is not supported or sponsored by Microsoft. The opinions / information expressed in this site is the sole responsibility of John Fallon Presents.

Site Overview:

The PPT Guru page provide links to professional PowerPoint® designers and firms that can be used as the example of what PowerPoints® can become.

The Commercial PPT page provides links to companies that provide various types of content that can be used in PowerPoint®. Examples are templates, backgrounds, images, graphic elements, icons and other graphical material.

The Add-Ons page provides links to technologists who write code that expands the functionality of PowerPoint®. These are the people that provide the methods to complete a project that Microsoft hasn't included in PowerPoint®, yet.

The Support Software page provides links to sites and companies that have products that work to improve your PowerPoint® presentations. This can range from image manipulation software to screen capture.

Blogs of Interest is the place where you can find all the cutting edge techniques and issues of discussion of PowerPoint® pros.

The PPT Books page references books that concentrate on both instructional and design aspects of PowerPoint®. There is also a secondary listing of Presentation books that cover message development and platform skills.

The Images page provides links to FREE and Pay images resources.

The Typography page provides links to sites that allow downloads for FREE and purchase on different fonts that can be installed and used in a PowerPoint® presentation.

The Color page provides links to sites that provide information and assistance in developing a color scheme and / or palate for your next PowerPoint® presentation.

The Layout page provides examples of various design grids that you can download and import into your presentations to help you design your next presentation.

The Audio / Video page provides links to FREE and Feeresources of sounds and links for including video in your next PowerPoint® presentation

The Animation page provides links to tools that will help non-PPT generated animations for your slides.

The Design page provides links to sites that contain PPT presentations that are cutting edge and using currently accepted techniques.

The PPT Tips page provides links to sites that help solve basic and intermediate problems in bith PowerPoint and presentations.

The PPT Games page provides links to sites that will bring a new level of fun to instruction in the classroom.

The Rubrics page provides links to sites and tools that will help with PowerPoint and presentation evaluation.

Be sure to check back often as we are adding new sites and information all the time. It is our hope that we can provide educators with the resources they need to be the designers of cutting edge PowerPoint® presentations.
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